What I need are magic needles

Dear JessieDog,

I know it’s been a while since I cleaned, and even longer since I really gave the bedroom a good going-over. Since you died, I’ve been avoiding throwing out your bed, and that kind of turned me off of straightening the rest of the room.

But it’s been three and a half months and the bedroom was starting to smell so bad you wouldn’t have wanted to sleep there, and that’s saying something. So tonight, I finally cleaned that room.

And I just gotta point out, mutt, that with the proper enchanted implements I could have knit you back to life using the furballs you left under the bed. Have you found a way to shed from Heaven?



Federal and state taxes – done
2 loads of laundry – done
Bills – done
Usability testing screens for monday – done
Wireframes – as done as they get until I corner my co-workers monday
Food shopping – done thanks to Nighthawk
Comic for Saturday – done, late, but done
Brunch and dinner – done
Now, maybe I should sleep.

It’s Monday and the living is easy

Yesterday was Easter and I didn’t get around to putting up a Happy Easter message, so Happy Easter! Of course, April 2nd was the beginning of Passover and I neglected that as well, so Happy Passover! And Happy Equinox back in March. There, I think I’m caught up.

We spent the day at Nighthawk’s family’s Easter dinner and had a darn good time.

Today is the last of my 4 days off, so I’m trying to make it a full sweep of accomplished things on days off. Or something. My writing brain is clearly on vacation. I spent most of the weekend cleaning out the master closet so it could be painted and remodeled with non-1970’s-shelving, but it’s slow going. Fortunately my little sister came over Saturday and helped me with the big stuff, and we’re most of the way to where we need to be to get it started.

I’ve also been slowly finding and fixing locations where Night Fugues is still listed as Get Outta My Head, both on my own site and on the ‘net in general, so if you spot any, let me know.

And just as an experiment, I’m going to open up commenting to non-registered folks for a while to see how much spam and or idiocy we collect. If it’s abundant, I’ll go back to registration only, but well, it’s worth a shot.

Today I’m running laundry (all the clothes coming out of the closet, of course) and puttering around the house. Will work on comics tonight I think. I could get used to this staying at home and accomplishing crap thing, if only someone’d pay me for it. Ah well.

Anyway, it’s frequent forumgoer and now commenter Jamie’s birthday, so feel free to wish him well here (happy birthday, goofball!), whilst I go salvage my lunch from the overzealous toaster oven.

Been a busy weekend

This weekend was supposed to be that quiet weekend that you take to yourself to relax and recover.


Saturday I spent most of the morning working on php for various websites including this one, and then we went out shopping. I got a new camera (more on that in the coming weeks I’m sure) which is almost embarassing in its power. Our old camera, a 2.1 megapixel that takes compact flash cards was bought as a Christmas present to each other in 2000 and cost us $500. I don’t even want to talk about what the 128MB card cost. It’s been incredibly reliable until about a year ago when the shutter button started to stick, and now it gets stuck autofocusing and you can burn through a set of 4 AA batteries in about 13 pictures. When I had tons of problems over vacation with it I knew it was time for a replacement. When I couldn’t even take pictures for some upcoming comics without fighting with it for a half hour about two weeks ago I knew it was time to put an end to that nonsense.

The new camera is a 7.1 megapixel camera that takes some damn small card thingie that’s a 512MB card that cost like $30, and the camera itself – an Olympus – is noticably smaller and lighter than the old one. It cost $150. I could cry.

top: old bessie. bottom: the cute new girl in town.

After buying the camera (and a bag of video games, mmmm video games) we went out to dinner with our friends Mike and Steen and little Juliana, who is just a doll. Stayed up way too late playing video games and then went to bed exhausted.

Got up late this morning and then worked on unimportant stuff, went food shopping, came home and put everything away in time to go to my parents’ for dinner (they had a roast beef that was too big for 4 people) and that’s when I tried out the new camera, which is awesome. Came home and did laundry, cleaned the kitchen, and prepared for work tomorrow and now it’s midnight and I’m typing this and I should be in bed.

Tomorrow: work and maybe some comic drawing, then maybe I’ll get to bed early too. Goodnight!

How I Spent My Weekend by kirabug

Ack. So tired.

Friday night:

I don’t remember Friday night except to remember that it involved pizza. I think I spent most of it working on Saturday’s comic.


Got up, got some stuff done on the computer to check my web stats and such (we’re currently at an all-time readership high, btw. We’re getting close to 4000 unique sites per month. Hi!) and messed with some email, etc.

Did all that shower/eat morning stuff, then went on a walk with Nighthawk. Came back and tore all the dead flowers out of the garden, cleaned up the porch for winter and stuff like that. Took a shower to get all the muck off, ate some leftover pizza for dinner, then went food shopping.

After food shopping, and putting it all away, settled in to about a half hour of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, then off to bed.

Sunday: Slept until 11:00. Got up, did all that shower/eat morning stuff, then started the pumpkin pie baking process. I think the pumpkin I bought this year was too big. I got fifteen cups of pumpkin out of the cheese pumpkin I bought a few weeks ago. That’s just over seven pies worth of pumpkin.

Made up the mix for six of the seven pies (froze the extra pumpkin for next week), and baked four of the pies. Took a dinner break over at Texas Roadhouse, came back, took two of the pies to neighbors’ houses. (Patty traded me candy for pie!!) Baked the last two pies.

Baked the pumpkin pie seeds, cleaned up the kitchen, helped Nighthawk with the laundry, and sat down to write this.

I took pictures of the entire pie process today, including the seeds, and I’m seriously considering turning them into my own cookbook. I’m weird that way.

Now, sleep.

Weekend wrap-up

Well, the bedroom trim is painted, the house is clean(er), and I got to hang out with my sister for a while…. got a massage, that’s always good, and found the diningroom under a mound of stuff. Nighthawk appears to be feeling better. Jessdog got in some serious sun-time, which makes her a happy puppy. And despite how horrible the art looks in both the Saturday (past) and Monday (upcoming) comics, I feel pretty good about them – they’re awful, but a darned sight better than I did a year and a half ago when this ship launched.

Work this week promises to be as hectic as last, but with things a little less crazy at home and closer to conquering the new schedule. See you on the forum.