Quotes from Clan Gibson this evening

Setting: the couch. The Flyers are playing game 3 of the 2nd round of the playoffs against the Bruins. The Phillies are playing game 2 of a 3 game series against Washington. The Flyers are down 2 goals.

TV: Bruins score again.
Kirabug: Baseball now?
Nighthawk: Yes, baseball now.

Nighthawk changes the channel.
Phillies immediately score.

Kirabug: See? We’re not meant to watch the Flyers.
Nighthawk: It’s heading into first intermission anyway.

Nighthawk flips back to the Flyers game during a Phillies commercial break. The Bruins immediately score.

Kirabug: Would you knock that off?
Nighthawk: It was a commercial!

Nighthawk switches back to the Phillies.
Kirabug’s iPhone chirps.

Kirabug: Aaaand, as soon as you change it, Meszaros scores. We really can’t watch the game if we want the Flyers to have a chance.

Phillies announcers mention that Raul Ibanez was hitless for 13 games, and since yesterday is 4-for-5.

Nighthawk: For two weeks, he couldn’t buy a hit.
Kirabug: Apparently, the check cleared.

Nighthawk flips back to the Flyers game during a Phillies commercial break.

Kirabug: Are you trying to make the score worse?
Nighthawk: They’re not going to score just because I change the channel, despite what you and half the planet believe about sports.
Kirabug: I don’t believe that.
Nighthawk: Relax, they’re in intermission.
Kirabug: You watch, the Bruins will find a way to score during intermission because of you. And I am not going to be the one to explain that to Tim Panaccio when it happens.

Nighthawk returns from walking the dogs.

Nighthawk: How did we load the bases.
Kirabug (half-asleep): Umm…the guy. In the uniform? With the bat? He hit the ball.
Nighthawk: Schneider?
Kirabug: Yeah. His second hit of the game.
Nighthawk: You don’t know who hit, but you know how well they batted this game?
Kirabug: What? Don’t judge me.

Update in lieu of snoring

My body’s exhausted, but my brain’s wide awake, so you get a blog post.

Nighthawk is done the IVs, which is good. He’s still exhausted (mostly from the IVs) so is off the next two weeks to try to recharge. I can relate.

Today we watched the Phils play the Astros. I ate two hot dogs. I got a new heavier Phillies jacket to keep me warm. I watched the game unfold with Nighthawk at my side. We sat in the sun and lived like humans, with all the requisite doctor’s permission, of course. The boys of summer held up their end of the bargain and swept the ‘Stros.

Baseball fills me with joy like few other things, and even hours later, I am content.

Tomorrow is my last half-day, and is a big giant presentation I’ve had less than 25 hours to prepare for. And by “prepare” I mean “finish the prototypes” for. Going to be a rough one.

The rest of the week will wear me out but I finally think I can handle it (no really this time).

Of course, sleeping might help…

More videos that will drive Dad nuts ’cause his computer won’t play them:

Psst – Dad! I’m adding links so you can watch them on Youtube directly

The Muppets do O Danny Boy

An artist creates a video to explain the Japanese Fukushima nuclear crisis to children. (Warning: contains poo.)

Continue reading

Congratulations Mr. Roy Halladay

Roy Halladay just pitched a no-hitter in the first game of the National League Division Series.

A no-hitter. Only the 2nd one in postseason history. His 2nd no-hitter this year.


My brother, sister, & I all celebrated together on Twitter. Not to be outdone, Mom called all of us. Yeah, that’s right. Some parents call their kids for major holidays. My parents call me for the playoffs.

Or in this case, major Hallidays.

Thank you, Phillies, for a wonderful evening.

Some quick thoughts

Had a great idea for a comic earlier this weekend but the time I was going to spend on it got eaten by WordPress updates, plugin updates, and an argument with a server over what version of PHP I was running.

Meanwhile, also got the house cleaned up, the closets cleaned out, lots of errands run, watched the Phillies win and then lose and then win, watched the Eagles fall on their face, threw the squeaky pig and/or the ball for Kaylee ten thousand times, took two walks for a total of 3 miles, and went to see Scott Pilgrim.

Look, if you’ve ever liked comics, comic strips, video games, being 17-23, bad bands, or strangely-choreographed martial-arts-like fighting, and you haven’t seen Scott Pilgrim vs the World get thine ass to the thea-tah before it clears out and you have to wait for video, because it ROCKS.

You also owe it to yourself to read the books. Now. Now now now now now. Look, even Nighthawk liked them. Go go go.

This coming week consists of much insanity as Nighthawk and I prep for our holy-crap-it’s-September-where’d-the-summer-go vacation in Virginia Beach, which commences Saturday. Maybe while I’m lounging by the beach I’ll get off my ass and draw some comics.