Link dump

Yeah, I’ve been neglecting this place more than a little bit. I’ve also been building up literally thousands of interesting tweets, articles, and links I want to read/share with all y’all. Worse, some of them actually made it into the blog here and I never actually posted them. So here’s a start at a fix.

How to find the IP address of something attached to the Airport Extreme. It wasn’t available at all for years, and now it’s there, even if it’s not obvious.

Bacon bourbon brownie recipe I want to try – anyone gutsy enough to try it with me? (Nighthawk already said no.)

If you don’t speak bar, you probably need this article on booze jargon.

A great short story about why privacy matters.

How to build an upside-down fire because someday I will have a fireplace again.

Where do bad moods come from? They come from wearing yourself out.

Clean out Launchpad completely

Like the idea of the Launchpad app in Lion, but hate the way it was populated with 5 years of apps, shortcuts, and the accumulated crap in your Applications folder? Clean out Launchpad completely fixed that – allowing me to start with a blank slate so I could set it up the way I wanted. Ahh, peaceful dock.

*whistles innocently*

No… no of course I don’t have any intention of doing NaNoWriMo in my spare time this year.

But y’know, if you need a writing buddy, look me up. Kirabug, as usual.

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