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How I Spent My Weekend by kirabug

Ack. So tired.

Friday night:

I don’t remember Friday night except to remember that it involved pizza. I think I spent most of it working on Saturday’s comic.


Got up, got some stuff done on the computer to check my web stats and such (we’re currently at an all-time readership high, btw. We’re getting close to 4000 unique sites per month. Hi!) and messed with some email, etc.

Did all that shower/eat morning stuff, then went on a walk with Nighthawk. Came back and tore all the dead flowers out of the garden, cleaned up the porch for winter and stuff like that. Took a shower to get all the muck off, ate some leftover pizza for dinner, then went food shopping.

After food shopping, and putting it all away, settled in to about a half hour of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, then off to bed.

Sunday: Slept until 11:00. Got up, did all that shower/eat morning stuff, then started the pumpkin pie baking process. I think the pumpkin I bought this year was too big. I got fifteen cups of pumpkin out of the cheese pumpkin I bought a few weeks ago. That’s just over seven pies worth of pumpkin.

Made up the mix for six of the seven pies (froze the extra pumpkin for next week), and baked four of the pies. Took a dinner break over at Texas Roadhouse, came back, took two of the pies to neighbors’ houses. (Patty traded me candy for pie!!) Baked the last two pies.

Baked the pumpkin pie seeds, cleaned up the kitchen, helped Nighthawk with the laundry, and sat down to write this.

I took pictures of the entire pie process today, including the seeds, and I’m seriously considering turning them into my own cookbook. I’m weird that way.

Now, sleep.

There’s dirt under my nails.

640 lbs of topsoil, four dozen impatiens, two dozen marigolds, six carnations, two mountain pinks, two daliahs(?), and one rose bush later, the garden is done.

Once again, my sister came through, helping me haul all the dirt and plant all the plants in less than six hours. It’ll be weeks again before we have to do any major work out there.

Still, it looks a whole sight better than the weeds and dead leaves from the bulbs.

What weekend?

Replaced the mailbox. Dug out the hydrangea bush. Built up the brick wall around the garden to keep wonder-dog out. Cleaned the kitchen (except the floor) and ran the dishwasher twice. Paid all the bills through mid-October, posted a comic into the archive, and started the processes necessary to replace the thermostat on the heater. Completed three loads of laundry.

Didn’t have a lot of down time. I have a three-day weekend at the other end of this week, though, so maybe I’ll finally get some rest then. I was supposed to go to the Boston-ish area next weekend to see my friend Mandine and her family, but Nighthawk’s not feeling all that great and it’s a long drive both there and back, so I had to cancel.

Anyway, it’s almost Monday and I’m still running laundry. Work will be theoretically quieter this week, so maybe I won’t be quite as exhausted. Here’s hoping.

kirabug tiiired.

My wonderful sister came over today and we cleaned the house – and I mean cleaned the house. My nose still burns a bit from the bleach we used to kill the mildew in the bathrooms. Then we went to the mall, bought some stuff to organize the house, finished getting my contact fitting, came home and pulled weeds for at least two hours in the rain. (Plantnerd, the weed whalloping widget worked wonders!) Then it was off to my favorite cajun place for dinner, and a trip to my folks’ house to return the kid. Now I’m home, a little bit of class work to do if I can stay conscious.

One day left of my vacation. I suspect I shall fill it with nothing. I like that idea.