Snow snow snow

Let’s see… on 2/6 we got about 18″ of snow. that melted down to roughly 1/2 by the time the snow started Tuesday night. I wasn’t smart enough to measure in advance, but I’m guessing based on the current piles & the fact that I was clearing roughly 4-5″ every time I shoveled, that we got at least another 18″ between Tuesday night & late Wednesday.

The dogs are confused.

This snow’s much heavier. a neighbor lost roughly half the branches on his 20+ foot tall pine. We only lost power once, but I expect we’ll lose it again now that the melt has begun.

Got the cars dug out this morning, and got to work just before noon. Royersford’s roads suck, the highways (422 & 202) are clear-to-wet, and Great Valley’s roads suck. So, situation normal.

Pictures later, when I get home.


The bedroom is dark except for the light shining off the iPhone screen. Dog snores waft up from the sides of the bed, and the heater clanks a bit.

Outside the window, the sky is orange and grey. I can almost make out the branches of the Japanese maple as they sag from the weight of the falling snow. The snowfall is silent, though the window screens’ buildup tells me the wind is blowing.

I know the orange light is pollution from the local schools and businesses. I know that it should be dark as coal. I know in the morning I’ll curse the snow & the havoc it causes in my life, but right now I can only stare into winter’s faded orange blanket and hope that everyone else is as safe and warm.

More training!

Today (and for the rest of the week) I’m in Windows 2003 Server training.


In Windows training.

Yeah, I have trouble believing it too. Especially the part where I take the test and get certified and get one of those weird cards that M$ gives out. Freaky stuff.

Anyway, the good news is that I should be leaving here before the snow hits tonight. The bad news is that a) there haven’t been any slow periods for me to post before now (and this is lunch) and b) I have to be here at 8:30 tomorrow morning. Yuck.