Link dump

Time to clean out the “investigate these” folder. Now then….

…OK, that’s all I had time to clean out tonight. Tomorrow, possibly another link dump ;)

Gah. CSS is a pain in the ass.

I’ve now been working on the new site design for at least 20 hours and I still don’t have the effing design complete, because CSS is a pain in the ass.

Of course, it doesn’t help that the default WordPress template is effing huge either. The current template is a design I based on the previous template, which is based on the template before that, on back to the default WordPress template for WordPress 1.5, so it’s not exactly up to date with the newest baubles and doodads, which is why I wanted this one to be clean.

Clean – hah! The designer of the default WordPress 2.1 template organizes his stuff in ways totally foreign to my brain — valid ways, good clean ways, but it’s sort of like walking into the library and discovering that the librarian had decided to alphabetize all her books by the first letter of the third word in Chapter 3 of each book. The taxonomy is foreign to me. Just figuring out which CSS entry is modifying the item I’m trying to modify is trick enough at this point, not to mention that with my own addendums I’m already up to like 300 lines of CSS.

Granted, I did find a nice CSS Debugger which is helping to lower the insanity, but not by much.

Anyway, the comic Tuesday most likely won’t be a GOMH comic — but that’s OK because I’ve got some new photo comics I wanted to run (currently called Life is Odd) and we’ll kick off with one of those for Tuesday instead. I’ve got 4 comics in the queue right now, which damn well better hold us until this redesign is done, one way or the other, and a few other LIO comics to put together from my new camera.

Oh yeah, and I bought a new camera the other day.

Anyway, back to the coding. More ranting later probably.