Bonus goofiness

So I’m in a training class for Visio today… I’ve learned a lot, but any time you’re learning computer stuff as a group, it’s a slow process. Which means lots of down-time, mostly in 30-second intervals.

So that means I’ve been hanging out on the forum, of course, and Jzimbert dared me to make a comic in Visio while I was at it… which of course I had to do.

Now the king of shape-based art IMHO is Paul Gadzikowski, who draws Arthur, King of Time and Space (in the much more challenging-to-use MS Paint, no less) where the comic character King Arthur draws his own comic, which is shape-based.

So you can count this as a tribute to AKOTAS as well as a “Ha! I can do that!” to the forum crowd ;)

visio comic

Happy Webcomics Awareness Day 2005!

Happy Webcomics Awareness Day!

May 5 is Webcomics Awareness Day (as well as Cinco de Mayo), so I created an extra-big special strip for the event. It’s also our 50th strip, an accomplishment in and of itself.

If you’re stopping by for the first time, welcome! Pull up a chair! Stop by the forum! Make yourself at home!

If you’re one of our regulars, make sure to stop by the Online Comics Day website and check out some of the hundreds of other webcomics out in the world.

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Where the things in my head and Real Life intersect

comic tag!

Every time I start a set of continuity strips, I think of all kinds of other things I want to post that get in the way. I wanted to “respond” to a comic that Greg Dean posted on Real Life yesterday while it was fresh (check the archive here and the surrounding comics to get a feel for the story line) and I’ve already interrupted this arc with the April Fool’s comic once, so I figured one more interruption wouldn’t kill :)

If you’re visiting from Real Life, hi! Oh, and Arthur King of Time and Space linked to me recently as well – if you’re from there, hi!

Good to see you! Stop by any time!