Bonus goofiness

So I’m in a training class for Visio today… I’ve learned a lot, but any time you’re learning computer stuff as a group, it’s a slow process. Which means lots of down-time, mostly in 30-second intervals.

So that means I’ve been hanging out on the forum, of course, and Jzimbert dared me to make a comic in Visio while I was at it… which of course I had to do.

Now the king of shape-based art IMHO is Paul Gadzikowski, who draws Arthur, King of Time and Space (in the much more challenging-to-use MS Paint, no less) where the comic character King Arthur draws his own comic, which is shape-based.

So you can count this as a tribute to AKOTAS as well as a “Ha! I can do that!” to the forum crowd ;)

visio comic