Really? 4 nails? Really?


We’re having new floors put in next week, which means I have to rip the baseboard off (ok I don’t HAVE to, but long-term it works out) and to remove the baseboards I also have to tear up the tack strips.

I’ve had better weekends than crawling around on the underside of 35-year-old rugs, that I can assure you.

Oh, wow, I ache.

Today, we moved back into the master bedroom we started remodeling over two years ago. I know it was over two years ago because I comicked about putting the floor in. Moving back in meant buying a new mattress, new sheets, new boxspring, drastic but fruitless attempts to buy lamps and drapes, and moving everything into the room, which turned out to be a much bigger task than expected and involved going up and down the stairs way too often.

Tomorrow I pray my feet don’t hurt nearly as much as they do right now because, well, I have martial arts and that would suck.

It’s Monday and the living is easy

Yesterday was Easter and I didn’t get around to putting up a Happy Easter message, so Happy Easter! Of course, April 2nd was the beginning of Passover and I neglected that as well, so Happy Passover! And Happy Equinox back in March. There, I think I’m caught up.

We spent the day at Nighthawk’s family’s Easter dinner and had a darn good time.

Today is the last of my 4 days off, so I’m trying to make it a full sweep of accomplished things on days off. Or something. My writing brain is clearly on vacation. I spent most of the weekend cleaning out the master closet so it could be painted and remodeled with non-1970’s-shelving, but it’s slow going. Fortunately my little sister came over Saturday and helped me with the big stuff, and we’re most of the way to where we need to be to get it started.

I’ve also been slowly finding and fixing locations where Night Fugues is still listed as Get Outta My Head, both on my own site and on the ‘net in general, so if you spot any, let me know.

And just as an experiment, I’m going to open up commenting to non-registered folks for a while to see how much spam and or idiocy we collect. If it’s abundant, I’ll go back to registration only, but well, it’s worth a shot.

Today I’m running laundry (all the clothes coming out of the closet, of course) and puttering around the house. Will work on comics tonight I think. I could get used to this staying at home and accomplishing crap thing, if only someone’d pay me for it. Ah well.

Anyway, it’s frequent forumgoer and now commenter Jamie’s birthday, so feel free to wish him well here (happy birthday, goofball!), whilst I go salvage my lunch from the overzealous toaster oven.

Weekend wrap-up

Well, the bedroom trim is painted, the house is clean(er), and I got to hang out with my sister for a while…. got a massage, that’s always good, and found the diningroom under a mound of stuff. Nighthawk appears to be feeling better. Jessdog got in some serious sun-time, which makes her a happy puppy. And despite how horrible the art looks in both the Saturday (past) and Monday (upcoming) comics, I feel pretty good about them – they’re awful, but a darned sight better than I did a year and a half ago when this ship launched.

Work this week promises to be as hectic as last, but with things a little less crazy at home and closer to conquering the new schedule. See you on the forum.

So it’s Friday.

So it’s Friday, and I’m off until Tuesday thanks to the holiday weekend and a skillfully-placed vacation day. I was supposed to spackle the holes in the bedroom walls last night but passed on that opportunity so that I could instead put another comic in the queue (and capture a great IOI screenshot), and also put my car in the shop.

I got up at 9, which tells me I’m getting a good amount of sleep during the week because it’s only about an hour later than I get up normally, and the JessieDog was up by 9:30. It’s about time to eat breakfast. Then I get to spackle holes, clean walls, and work on priming (primeing?) the walls and ceiling. Then the paint. whee!

Probably not all today, if it isn’t obvious.

I’m doing this one solo, which is a bit odd, because usually I drag my sister into all my rennovating adventures, but she’s got school and she’s in the pit orchestra for a musical and, well, kid’s got a life. So we’ll see how far I really get when self-motivating.

I foresee lots of caffeine in my immediate future.

Anyway, I’ll be away from the internet most of the day, much like yesterday, but unlike yesterday it’ll be because I don’t want to paint the keyboard. Feel free to visit the forum, or if you’re really bored go through the archives and let me know which links are broken. (Like I said, really bored.)

I’ll be back later, when I’ve reached a point where things will have to dry.