Oh, wow, I ache.

Today, we moved back into the master bedroom we started remodeling over two years ago. I know it was over two years ago because I comicked about putting the floor in. Moving back in meant buying a new mattress, new sheets, new boxspring, drastic but fruitless attempts to buy lamps and drapes, and moving everything into the room, which turned out to be a much bigger task than expected and involved going up and down the stairs way too often.

Tomorrow I pray my feet don’t hurt nearly as much as they do right now because, well, I have martial arts and that would suck.

3 thoughts on “Oh, wow, I ache.

  1. Bug? Can I ask you a question that may sound kind of mean, but really isn’t intended to be? When you bought this place where you live… was it already built, or was it more of a do-it-yourself kit? Like a field and a pile of lumber?

  2. The place we bought is our age, within a few months one way or the other. It was in good condition considering our price range and how close it is to work. Before we bought it, it was a rental unit at least two or three times, so it took some wear that the condo owners didn’t always necessarily repair right away.

    But the bigger problem is just that it’s old. When we bought it the heater was 30. The windows are 30+ years old. The carpet – 30+ years old. We knew we’d have to replace all that stuff when we moved in.

    And we’re lazy. We remodel in the summer and then play video games most of the winter. It would take a contractor maybe two or three weeks full-time (or would take my dad 3 months if he worked every weekend) to do what takes me two years.

    So it’s not so much that it was a do-it-yourself house as it’s a redo-it-yourself house. And we don’t redo so well ;)

    I’ll post pics at some point.

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