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Night Fugues

Lila Cully

[Lila and her purple hair] [Lila Cully] [Lila Cully - old design]
  • Age: 31 – Birthday: June 3
  • Lila’s a normal 30-something. Well, she tries to be. She’s just been promoted to supervisor of the support group for a relatively small software company called Ellipsis Technology. Between the new job and her husband’s health, she’s starting to wonder about her sanity because she keeps hallucinating about pillow gnomes.

Cole Cully

[Cole Cully] [Cole Cully]
  • Age: 30 – Birthday: September 12
  • Cole is Lila’s husband. He’s a normal, sane 30-something too, if you ignore the fact that he’s got Cystic Fibrosis, Diabetes, and he was just diagnosed with thyroid cancer. He is not hallucinating about anything yet, but give him some time.

Daisy Cully

Daisy yawning] [Daisy Cully]
  • Age: Indeterminate
  • Daisy is a tiny terrier – probably a Jack Russel, but she’s awfully short. Lila and Cole adopted her from the SPCA. She recently befriended some pillow gnomes.

Marin Valley

[Marin Valley] [Marin Valley]
  • Age: 29 – Birthday: April 9
  • Marin is Lila’s best friend. She’s a LAN Admin working for a hostile jerk at Ellipsis Tech. Marin’s, well, not always the most stable cog in the wheel. She recently became good friends with a lawn ornament.

Nugget Valley

[Maren Valley] [Maren Valley]
  • Age: Indeterminate
  • Nugget is Daisy’s sister, who Marin adopted at the SPCA. She likes cheese.
  • Special Thanks To: Mark Jorgensen, who won the "Name the Tiny Doggie" contest many many moons ago.


[Jesus-in-a-box] [Jesus in the box]
  • Age: I’m not going to ask. Are you going to ask?
  • Jesus-in-a-box is the deity-posessed lawn ornament down the street from Marin. Jesus’s owners don’t take the best of care of his earthly vessel, which annoys him to no end. Outside of that he’s just your standard superbeing disguised as landscaping.

Rex Ives

[Rex] [Rex Ives]
  • Age: 31
  • Rex is the CEO of Ellipsis Technology. Rex loves the company, loves the people he works with, but is prone to wondering exactly what he’s gotten himself into. Rex and Lila have known each other for years, and he uses her as a sounding board for any number of issues.

Michael Randolph

[Mike] [A much older version of Mike]
  • Age: 36
  • Mike is the head of the testing department at Ellipsis Techology. As such, he’s frequently caught shorthanded, and wars relentlessly with the development group and sales team. In his spare time, Mike is a volunteer firefighter.

Milo Vanilla

[Milo Vanilla]
  • Age: 22
  • Milo is, um, green. And his smile is a bit off-putting. And he doesn’t have ears, at least not that anyone’s confirmed. Outside of those small oddities, he’s a perfectly normal geek who just landed his first job out of college at Ellipsis Technology. It’s a good thing, too, because he was about a week from having to live in his car, and his cat (Ben Kenobi) just wouldn’t have appreciated that.

Bridget McGeever

[Lila's Mom]

  • Age: Old enough to be your mother.
  • Bridget is Lila’s mother and Warren’s wife. She doesn’t take guff from the likes of you, but she’s really a softy at heart.



Dr. Morticia Miller

[Dr. Miller, veterinarian]

  • Dr. Miller is the veterinarian who treats Daisy and Nugget. She’s not quite used to the antics of this pup.



Jeffrey Owen Stickler

[Jeffrey Stickler]

  • Age: 45
  • Jeffrey Stickler is the manager in charge of network administration at Ellipsis Technology. He’s Marin’s supervisor. They don’t like each other. He’s a bit of an ass.


Peggy Shippen

[Peggy Shippen]

  • Age: 24 – Birthday: August 24
  • Peggy is studying for her Master’s in Biology at Left State University while working in the mailroom of the company where everyone else works. She was inspired by the discussions of Peggy Shippen in The Adventures of Brigadier General John Stark by Eric Burns.


The Pillow Gnomes

[Cubbybottom] [Gossypium]
  • Ages: Who knows?
  • Cubbybottom McPointyhat (left) and Gossypium Cottonwood (right) are pillow gnomes. They’re out to capture Lila’s pillows.

Characters Hitherto Unseen:

  • Warren McGeever – Lila’s Dad.
  • Jay Cully – Cole’s brother. (Lila refers to him as "Your uncle" when talking to Daisy.)
  • Bob – the generic worker that always gets called in to handle the dirty work.
  • Sebastian Valley – Marin’s older brother, a lawyer.
  • Dr. Radeon – Cole’s endocrinologist.
  • Dr. Larin – Cole’s ENT and surgeon.
  • Roger – Head of the Sales team at Ellipsis Tech.
  • Mr. Smith – Rabid customer and luddite, is angry that the company website doesn’t work with his typewriter.

*Special thanks to peri-renna for the suggestion of Night Fugues to replace the old name, Get Outta My Head

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