It’s Monday and the living is easy

Yesterday was Easter and I didn’t get around to putting up a Happy Easter message, so Happy Easter! Of course, April 2nd was the beginning of Passover and I neglected that as well, so Happy Passover! And Happy Equinox back in March. There, I think I’m caught up.

We spent the day at Nighthawk’s family’s Easter dinner and had a darn good time.

Today is the last of my 4 days off, so I’m trying to make it a full sweep of accomplished things on days off. Or something. My writing brain is clearly on vacation. I spent most of the weekend cleaning out the master closet so it could be painted and remodeled with non-1970’s-shelving, but it’s slow going. Fortunately my little sister came over Saturday and helped me with the big stuff, and we’re most of the way to where we need to be to get it started.

I’ve also been slowly finding and fixing locations where Night Fugues is still listed as Get Outta My Head, both on my own site and on the ‘net in general, so if you spot any, let me know.

And just as an experiment, I’m going to open up commenting to non-registered folks for a while to see how much spam and or idiocy we collect. If it’s abundant, I’ll go back to registration only, but well, it’s worth a shot.

Today I’m running laundry (all the clothes coming out of the closet, of course) and puttering around the house. Will work on comics tonight I think. I could get used to this staying at home and accomplishing crap thing, if only someone’d pay me for it. Ah well.

Anyway, it’s frequent forumgoer and now commenter Jamie’s birthday, so feel free to wish him well here (happy birthday, goofball!), whilst I go salvage my lunch from the overzealous toaster oven.