Just so very January.

Work has picked up again and I’m so beat to death when I leave I just don’t have much energy left to write much. Plus, I should be writing instructions for properly installing Adobe Reader. (I’m not. I’m writing to you instead.)

Life is quiet right now. Plans to go to bed at a reasonable time are failing miserably every night. I have a thousand different comic ideas and no time to write them. Or draw them. Or anything.

I’m about 1/5th of the way through knitting my first scarf. Yes, over my Virginia Beach vacation 2 weeks ago I not only drove to another state and visited with relatives and went whale watching and took 150+ pictures and ate until I was ready to burst, I also learned the very basics of how to knit.

It rocks.

Anywho, I’m tired so I’m not writing much. That and the forum’s been a ghost town. Work is beating most of the rest of you up as well I ponder. (How busy was I today? I didn’t read a single comic until I got home.)

I want baseball back.

It’s time for bed.