Another “Look! I’m not dead!” post

Here are some interesting things:


And finally, a link that is most likely not safe for work, regarding how one wipes one’s bum… if you ever thought that privacy was dead, keep these interesting stats in mind:

– There is a 50/50 split between sitters and standers
– Each half is completely unaware the other half exists
– Amongst the standers there is a 50/50 split between those that simply stand up and those that stand, turn, and face the toilet.

I think it’s the idea that every person on earth has the same biological needs regarding restroom usage, and yet we’re completely unaware of how other people are meeting those needs, that makes me think privacy, is, in fact, not dead at all. But for something to be private, the vast majority of folks in that society has to agree that it’s a private matter. And that’s what’s really missing from most things today.

Regardless, the article is interesting reading and full of laughs, so long as bottom humor isn’t offensive to you.

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