Laughing to tears….

I don’t remember where I got the link to Passive-Aggressive Notes Dot Com (I think it was a tweet by @bbraithwaite) but OMG, these are going into my daily trawl.

The following ones made me laugh so hard I was crying. Click images if not large enough to read, safety for work not guaranteed:

In other news, my back’s feeling a lot better when I’m not using it for things like exercise… frustrated, because I’d like to get back to Tang Soo Do, but thinking I won’t rush it.

And here’s some caffeinated jerky in case you’re having problems falling asleep while eating regular jerky, I guess. And here are some disturbing Japanese ads with talking foods that spout random trivia in case you’re still falling asleep and want to have some seriously f’d up dreams.

Speaking of which, I need to get the snoring terriers to bed.