A few quick notes because the dryer’s almost done

Note 1: if you’ve registered and you’re a frequent commenter and you’ve noticed that your avatar isn’t working anymore, it’s because I switched from a cumbersome and annoying avatar system to the gravatars built into WordPress’s core. (Note: your old avatar will still work if I switch back to an old template… at least until I nuke all the old templates.)

To sent up a new avatar, go to this website and set up an avatar with an email address that matches the address you’re using here. (Your profile is here to check your contact info.) It take 15 mins or so for the system to catch up, but after that the avatar you have set up will work not only here but most other WordPress and similar blog sites.

(We’re taking avatars rated R and under if I remember correctly, so make sure to rate your image appropriately.)

Note 2: If you haven’t registered and you want to comment regularly (or even sporadically) with some assurance that I’m not going to zap your comment as spam, use the Register link in the top right corner. It’s a really good idea to comment not long after you’ve registered so I don’t nuke you as registration spam either.

Note 3: I hate laundry.

Note 4: The avatar isn’t the only change on the site that hasn’t been completed yet, but I’m not tipping my hand to the rest yet.

Note 5: the key lime pie cheesecake was delicious.

Note 6: Congratulations to Eric and Wednesday Burns-White on their successful knot-tying!

Note 7: I have too many clothes.

There’s the dryer buzzer, off I go.

Another quick update and babble thread

Ran some software updates over the weekend. We’re now on the latest WordPress. I also fixed the comment preview box (and stuck it above the comment entry box so you can actually see it while you’re typing) fixed the problem where my server had stopped emailing people, turned Subscribe to Comments back on, updated the comment editor, and generally cleaned things up.

I also got about halfway through fixing the Navigate by Category plug-in with significant help from Nighthawk (thank you!) on the SQL.

I downloaded a forum that’s WordPress-based with the vague general intention of integrating it to handle our comments instead of using the article-stype comments, but downloading is as far as I got.

Feel free to babble below!

Yet another user architecture survey

I’m starting to mull over possible changes to the site design again and have a few questions for you, the user:

  1. Why are you here? Is it the comic, the blog, or both?
  2. are you able to find what you’re looking for?
  3. i haven’t posted a babble thread in a while. (It wasn’t intentional.) Did you miss them?

As always, there’s no registration requirement to comment. Since the commenters get the opportunity to shape the outcome of my decisions it pays to speak up especially if you respectfully disagree with someone else’s views. Thanks!