Yet another user architecture survey

I’m starting to mull over possible changes to the site design again and have a few questions for you, the user:

  1. Why are you here? Is it the comic, the blog, or both?
  2. are you able to find what you’re looking for?
  3. i haven’t posted a babble thread in a while. (It wasn’t intentional.) Did you miss them?

As always, there’s no registration requirement to comment. Since the commenters get the opportunity to shape the outcome of my decisions it pays to speak up especially if you respectfully disagree with someone else’s views. Thanks!

13 thoughts on “Yet another user architecture survey

  1. 1) because youre my sister…the blog is awesome because i can continue to know whats going on with you even when i’m at a distance :) and i love the comic and seeing what new ideas you come up with! so both! plus you’re crazy links are always good for a laugh :)

    2) yes :)

    3) ehh…i don’t really miss the babble thread because no one was really using them…for some reason there was so much more communication with the older forum…i kinda liked that..and now that i’m at school i can actually participate! :)

  2. I hate pop quizzes, next time give me warning!

    OK here goes…

    1 Because I’m Steen and I feel smart when I actually understand what you post. I like the comic and the blog equally well–links are fun!

    2. Most of the time, as long as I watch the dates I know where I am. I’m getting better at clicking something to see what happens.

    3. Babbling is something I do better over the phone, but I’m always up for random thoughts as long ass they don’t too technical, then my eyes glaze over and I start to sing songs in my head…currently playing is the Lollipop song “oh lolli lolli lolli”

    –blame Juliana’s book with a lollipop picture


  3. Here are my answers:

    1) Wow. This is a very deep existential question. And I didn’t know it all revolved around your website! But I would have to say I’m here for the complete package.

    2) Yep. Of course, I never have to look much farther than the first page. i visit a lot. its one of my time killers at work.

    3) I agree with squeaks/basschica/mini-you. I felt like we all interacted more on the forum.

  4. 1) Both for me, too, although I wouldn’t mind separate pages for each.

    2) Absolutely!

    3) Ditto to basschica & jamie – the babble threads are fun, sometimes, but they’re not the same as the old forum. Of course, moderation is easier, so…

  5. More questions:

    Is it the lack of notification of new posts that makes comments less popular, or is it the fact that you can’t see which threads are still actively getting comments? (Or both?)

    Also, has anyone else noticed the Live Comment Preview not working, or is it just my work machine?

  6. maybe its that the forum was more conversational in nature. With comments, you kind of stick to the topic of the post. and if you have something to say not related, you probably don’t post. even with babble threads. maybe its just that the forums seemed less public. (not true, I realize, but still)

    and my comment preview isn’t working at work either. maybe an IE thing?

  7. well yeah – that too. pretty much once it drops off the first page, I don’t look any more.

  8. 1. I enjoy the comics, sometimes check out the links (depending upon the interest I may or may not have) and appreciate the blog, it allows me to stay in touch with two very important people in my life from a distance.

    2. Most of the time. I can’t find the photo page anywhere, is it me? I miss seeing new and old photos!

    3. No, can’t say I did since this is the first time I’m placing a comment on your blog. I have read many of the user/reader posts and your responses (probably not near as many as the above participants) and there are times when I am able to make sense of the posts and there are times when I can’t. I know it’s mostly due to my lack of computer knowledge that I’m in the dark on many of the subjects you talk about.

    This blog gives you the ability to be creative, to reach out to those of us who appreciate the “what’s going on in your lives” info, the photos and the times when a comic allows us to laugh and brightens our day if only for a brief moment. Thank You Kirabug!

  9. 1. I like it all! Even if I don’t have enough time to always check in like I used to, it’s a delight when I do.

    2. Yep!

    3. I miss the chatty nature of the old forums. Comments are nice… but no notification makes it hard to find the new stuff – and it’s always on topic. WE can’t start a thread that says “Hi! My day stinks. How about yours?” like we used to. All the labor on that is on YOU, darlin’ bug, so when you’re busy, we’re all silent and looooooooooonely. (hehe)

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