Another quick update and babble thread

Ran some software updates over the weekend. We’re now on the latest WordPress. I also fixed the comment preview box (and stuck it above the comment entry box so you can actually see it while you’re typing) fixed the problem where my server had stopped emailing people, turned Subscribe to Comments back on, updated the comment editor, and generally cleaned things up.

I also got about halfway through fixing the Navigate by Category plug-in with significant help from Nighthawk (thank you!) on the SQL.

I downloaded a forum that’s WordPress-based with the vague general intention of integrating it to handle our comments instead of using the article-stype comments, but downloading is as far as I got.

Feel free to babble below!

10 responses to “Another quick update and babble thread”

  1. larksilver says:

    Uhm. I feel like I should report here, after all that activity above. So:

    I completed my tracker for my Cub Scouts’ activity and planned this afternoon’s meeting.

    I completed my research on events throughout Arkansas for the year, so that I could (hopefully) prevent conflicts with the events for the Arts Center, and began work on our calendar.

    I cleaned for two hours at Job #2, thus ensuring that I made a wee bit o’cash this week, at least.

    Oh, and I obtained level 40 on my paladin and got a horse in WoW.

    It’s 12:13 this afternoon. More to do, so I’m off. What’s everybody else up to? hmmmmmm? (peers around the “room”)

  2. jzimbert says:

    Okay, I can do this too.

    Baby. Baby. Baby baby baby baby baby baby. Baby. Baby baby. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaby. Baby.


  3. basschica says:

    study for psych test.
    read 6 english chapters.
    do math homework.
    read and do philosophy homework.
    write english essay.
    start psych presentation.
    and go to student government meeting….

    attempting to make that my things completed list rather than my things to do list….

  4. greymutt says:

    take care of two year old
    drive said two year old to and from day care because the husband is lucky enough to be diving in Florida
    wish I could go to bed but I have laundry and dishes to do

    But at least I have time to think, which I didn’t when life was baby baby baby — glad things are going well for you jzimbert!

  5. kirabug says:

    After my post above, I researched search engines all day, put together a presentation/report on said search engines, and then went to martial arts. Kicked things for an hour or so, then came home. It was wonderful.

    jzimbert: baby! :) Please tell ginia I loved the pics.

  6. basschica says:

    snow snow snow snow snow = :)
    still have my psych exam..but the snow makes it all better :)

  7. basschica says:

    packages from awesome sisters makes things all better too! :) thanks!
    p.s. it was fun to look at the package guys face when he read your note “happy valentines day, weasel” haha :)

  8. kirabug says:

    you want the snow here too? i don’t. maybe i can ship that to you too.

  9. jzimbert says:
    My dream? To buy this piece of land and put up a big sign that says “SCREW”.

  10. kirabug says:

    jzimbert: that would be awesome.

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