Tales of a 31-year-old white belt: random connections revealed

I had a great time out at lunch with two friends who are black belts (one’s a m\Master) in Tang Soo Do today. One of the great benefits of this new activity is that I now have a point of connection with incredible people I might have otherwise lost touch with. That by itself is worth the price of admission.

I’ve also learned through a clothing shopping trip yesterday that my fluffy body has already started to reorganize. I haven’t lost any weight, but certain pockets of fat are starting to disappear. Benefits: less fat. Consequences: now I don’t wear the same style of pants I did 3 months ago and had to move to a different rack at the fat girls’ store. Can’t say that’s a bad thing.

And finally, here’s a skill I didn’t think would be involved in martial arts: sewing. I bought a sewing machine this week because my fat ass takes a size 6 do bokh (uniform) and that’s the same size that my friend the six-foot-four Master wears. Or to put it another way, I had to hem almost 8 inches of fabric off the bottom.

I just might make my fortune by commissioning someone to create Tang Soo Do do bokhs in patterns designed for women. That is, after I do the other eight hundred things I was going to do to conquer the world.

Unrelated aside:
The awesome folks at the Apple Store managed to take apart the monolith, clean her up, and call me to pick her up already by this afternoon. So we’re back on the iMac and life is good. I’m a happy camper.

The Longest Night of the Summer (10 of 12)

Panel 1: 5:00 A.M. Lila and Cole are lying in bed, sleeping. Lila's alarm is going off. Panel 2: Lila: You ready to get up? Cole: Absolutely not. Lila: You want me to reset the alarm for 6? Cole: Yeah. Panel 3: Lila's sitting up, setting the alarm. Lila: Why'd you set it for 5 anyway? Cole: 'cause your mom's going to call to wake us up any minute anyway. Lila: Oh yeah.... Panel 4: 5:01 A.M. Lila, lying down: I'll just lay back down for a minute then. Panel 5: 5:04 A.M. Lila's snoring again. Panel 6: the phone rings, Lila sits up with a shot. 'AAAAaaaaa! Dammit' she cries.

Mark won the “Name the Tiny Doggie” contest, by proposing the name “Nugget” for Marin’s miniature mutt.

Yes, I know you don’t know who Marin is yet. She’s coming…. a few more days… be patient!!