Let’s play "good news – bad news"!

Good news: Yesterday, my new scanner came!
Bad news: Yesterday evening, this cold/flu/ugly thing I’ve been fighting got the best of me. I was running a fever (99.7), had a horrible sore throat, and was totally exhausted and didn’t get my scanner set up!
Good news: This morning, my fever’s (almost) broken! (98.8)
Bad news: I slept until 9:15 and don’t have time to set up my scanner. Oh, and I’ve lost my voice. (Okay, some of you might count that in the good news).
Good news: I’m feeling better, so I’ll still be able to go to the beach tomorrow!
Bad news: I have to get all the stuff together for tomorrow to go, so I probably won’t have time to get a comic together tonight.
Good news: The Mariott has high speed internet access.
Bad news: I’m not dragging my scanner down there.

In other, shorter, words, comic schedule still iffy, but I’ll have *something* up even if it’s lame.