Game design concepts: the course

I’m linking to this blog not because I’m registered in the course, but because I definitely want to read along…. and if I don’t link to it somewhere I’ll never find it again.

You might be interested as well. Who knows? But if you are, hey, a link.

Keeping you busy between comics

So Nighthawk asked me to point out a new game on Shockwave called Arcadia [link went down] that he’s been playing, which allows you to play four mini-games at one time. It’s apparently a good amount of fun and can result in much pointage.

How much pointage?

lots of points!

That’s right, twenty one quadrillion points. That’s much pointage.

So while I finish this scarf and slack off on the buffer-building, you can keep busy.

Adding weight to math classes everywhere

sumo wrestling?!?

If you’d like to load sumo wrestling, or any other of hundreds of games, onto your calculator, is the place to go. They’re pretty damn cool. For example, here’s the full animated demo of Sumo Wrestling:

animated sumo

Just don’t play in English class. I know at least one of you has a teacher who’ll remember me if you say where you got the idea.

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