Vacation is officially in progress!

It’s Saturday night, and I’m in Virginia Beach.


The drive down was fine, a little hectic, but that’s to be expected when you’re driving past 300 miles of other people’s beaches to get to yours. All things considered, it was nothing.

When we arrived there were some bumps and bruises. We’ve booked a room with a jacuzzi, but somehow our hotel of choice overbooked (or rather, someone neglected to check out) and we were bumped to a larger room, but with two double beds. That didn’t work for us (plus the shower curtain rail was busted off) and we made our disappointment well known. Fortunately, someone who was in a jacuzzi room checked out about two hours after we got here, and we’re finally settled in our room.

The weather is beautiful and there are people out in the ocean right now below us, but before we can hit the water we’ve got to do things like eat dinner. Right now we’re getting unpacked and organized and we’re listening to the Phillies game online via the high-speed connection. They’re up 8-0 in the 1st 2nd inning. Can’t complain about that. :)

A panorama from my 10th floor balcony.