I have an absolute killer headache. It’s been around since noon. Not fun.

The most recent A Girl & Her Fed got me giggling though… third-tier villains shouldn’t be adopted unless you’re really going to take care of them.

Basic Instructions also had some “helpful” information on how to evaluate a new medication…

The Phillies won their first postseason game today!

And I’m working on comics.

Meanwhile, here’s some stuff from the internet:

Aaaand some video.

Simon’s Cat – Hot Spot. (I just got the Simon’s Cat book and it’s awesome.)

You are being shagged by a rare parrot!

Helen Keller, captured on video, speaking:

OK, that’s enough for tonight. Head still hurts. I should sleep.

It’s been that kind of day.

Chance has some kind of stomach bug or something — he’s been off-and-on puking with the runs for about four days, and the particularly emphatic projectile vomiting he did at 2:00 am pretty much sealed his fate for a trip to the vet tonight.

She rehydrated him, put him on a bland diet, and told us to bring in a stool sample as soon as we could. And one for Kaylee too, since whatever it is could be contagious. Whee, stored poop.

As if that wasn’t enough fun, I also let myself get distracted while driving (Chance was attempting to swan dive across the car) and bumped an SUV in front of me at a red light. Since his truck was taller than my car and he had a tow hitch, his truck looked fine, but my car’s all scratched up. Joy.

To top it all off, I pulled out a container of tomato sauce from the freezer and heated it up to go with the tortellini for dinner, only to discover it was beef barbeque, not tomato sauce. And not very good beef barbeque I might add. That didn’t go as well as planned.

I do have video of Kaylee (for those who’ve asked) but I haven’t had time to process it — a lot of it is much longer than necessary, filled with dead air and the like, and the last thing the internet needs is another 7 minute long dog video full of nothing worth watching. Maybe this weekend. But doubtful.

Anyway, suffice it to say not much drawing has been done and I’m exhausted, grouchy, and extremely headachy. The comic won’t be overly late this weekend, but it will probably be lame.

a quick observation on how the iPhone has changed my info-seeking habits

I’ve moved to a new department at work and shifted my role from that of a tech support guru to a fledgling information architect. Since I’m new, I’m trying to assimilate new information on my role in the website building process at a much higher rate than I’ve had to learn anything since my master’s. It feels good.

At the same time, I’m finding that the information gathering is also much easier than studying 5 years ago, because of my iPhone. I’m currently reading a great book on information architecture which constantly constantly constantly references other works. In the past i’d’ve jotted them all down and then promptly lost the list. Or i’d’ve read in front of the computer, a difficult task on nights like tonight when my head is throbbing.

Tonight, though, when I trip over one of these gems, I’m grabbing my phone and hitting Safari. The websites are going right into my “investigate these” bookmark collection and the book titles are getting thrown into Amazon via their iPhone beta site where I can dump them right into my info architecture wish list for later buying. Best yet, I can easily access either list from my work computer (once I sync the phone tonight at home) and get recommendations for a reading priority from the more tenured IAs at work.
I can even blog about it while finishing chapter three.

I like this. It’s like having an external hard drive for my brain.

Up and down the rollercoaster

So much to tell you, so tired, this’ll be quick.

On the plus side:

There are comics in the queue, and more on the way, and lots of ideas firing off in the brain cabinet.

Also, everyone is healthy, the diabetes thing is progressing without major incidents, we’re all good.

Plus, I’ve been coding again (more on that in next post) which makes me happy. Tired, but happy. The project itself looked like it was going to be a lot rockier than it turned out to be, and success is iminient.

On the minus side:

I’m on Day 2 of a headache that may be sinus, may be migraine, but is definitely HURT. It’s much better than it was thanks to the care provided by my totally awesome husband, but still lots of hurt.

The coding and the headache have set me way behind on a knitting project for which I was way behind anyway.

I haven’t heard from my sister on what’s going on this weekend yet. (HINT HINT!!)

And, oddest of all, we found out today that Nighthawk’s primary specialist passed away suddenly on the 23rd. He was a good doctor, and a good man, and it’s going to be very strange to go to the office and see someone else after over five years of care.

So, as always, we’re riding the rollercoaster of human existance. But you knew that.

So much to say, so little energy

I was going to post a lot more tonight – on comics, on life, on how I’m continually baffled by the power of music – but I took two Tylenol Sinus Nighttime about an hour ago and not only can I now breathe, but I can barely hold my head up. Ah, sweet sleep! I long for your embrace!

So you lot are getting the short-short version.

First: I’ve updated the Daily Comic List to include some new comics, including the incredible Anywhere But Here. I also threw in some new blogs I’m reading, and threw a bunch of old favorites down into the “sporadically updating” category because they all *said* they’d be back after the holidays, but they’re not yet….

Second: I found the song “Storybook Love” from Princess Bride on iTunes over the weekend. It’s not the version from the soundtrack, but it’s the same artist.

And let me just say for the record that yes, the lyrics for the song are stupid as shit, and yet, I’m left in a puddle of romantic ooze every time I hear them.

Third: Forum. Updated code. Running better. Feel free to check it out.

Forth: I’m going to Virginia Beach over Martin Luther King Day. I’ve got one of the two comics staged, other will go up this weekend. Lots of plans for the comic, including a new character (NOT a freaking dragon) who needs to have the most vanilla boring name I can come up with. Feel free to post suggestions on the forum… somewhere… to tired to go make a thread right now.

‘K, that’s it, go to bed. thanks!

the longest nights

I can’t sleep.

Oh, sure, I can hear my grandmother’s voice in the back of my head pointing out that I didn’t even try much, now did I?, but there’s not much point. I can’t sleep.

I suspect that by morning I’ll be fighting a migraine or a cluster headache or whatever the hell it’s called when my head feels like it’s attached to a live wire that carries, not electricity, but pain. I’ve come off a long and wild day at work, to a home where my family treated me like a princess – dinner ready, intelligent stuff to watch on TV, the whole works.

But every single sound I’ve heard all night has been too loud. My husband’s voice was too loud. The television was too loud. I walked the dog and the leaves were too loud. The train running in the valley about a mile from my house echoes up into my yard, and it’s too loud.

Maybe it wouldn’t be so loud if it wasn’t so cold. Despite warm socks, a heated office, and warm clothes and blankets here at home, my feet have been freezing all day.

And everything’s been too close. My work clothes were too close. I changed into the loosest pair of jeans I own and a comfy teeshirt, and it was too close. The dog was too close. My husband was too close. And let me tell you, when I feel crowded by the man who I’d willingly spend my life stapled to, if being stapled to him was required, something is wrong.

But right now my head doesn’t hurt. Right now I don’t feel needles stabbing into my cheeks, and I can’t count my pulse through my left eyebrow. And if somehow I could push the entire universe back by about three feet so I could get some space and just breathe I’d probably be fine.

Nighthawk is upstairs, snoring. Jessiedog is snoring from her bed aside of ours. I’m on the sofa, thinking that these keys are too loud, and so is the server.

The clock is too loud, though strangely its ticking is comforting. I grew up in a house with an old-fashioned chain-driven cuckoo clock – someday I’ll own one of my own – and it always ran in the living room, where I was exiled to the sofa when I couldn’t sleep. When I close my eyes I can feel the cold emanating off of Nana’s mirror behind me, hanging the length of the sofa on the wall. I can see the recliner in the corner with the rainbow-colored crocheted seat covers. The cuckoo clock is in the right corner, between the stairs and the fire place, with its huge slate hearth. The room was usually dark, like this one is now, but i can see the glow of the kitchen lights as they reflect off the dining room table. Nana and my folks liked to sit around the kitchen table and just talk sometimes. On nights like this when I couldn’t sleep, they’d put me on the sofa, and then go into the kitchen and talk about whatever parents talk about.

Eventually, the warmth of Nana’s crocheted afghan and the song of the clock would wrap around my arms and my shoulders and my freezing toes and lull me to sleep, and Dad would carry me upstairs to bed, but until then, I remember curling up in a ball on that sofa and watching the glow of the lights. The murmer of their voices was interrupted every second by the tick-tock-tick, and the occasional jangling of the dog’s collar.

I miss being small.

I can feel my pulse in my temples now.

I can’t sleep.