I have an absolute killer headache. It’s been around since noon. Not fun.

The most recent A Girl & Her Fed got me giggling though… third-tier villains shouldn’t be adopted unless you’re really going to take care of them.

Basic Instructions also had some “helpful” information on how to evaluate a new medication…

The Phillies won their first postseason game today!

And I’m working on comics.

Meanwhile, here’s some stuff from the internet:

Aaaand some video.

Simon’s Cat – Hot Spot. (I just got the Simon’s Cat book and it’s awesome.)

You are being shagged by a rare parrot!

Helen Keller, captured on video, speaking:

OK, that’s enough for tonight. Head still hurts. I should sleep.

Links from Comics

All above links are from Register One, a cool comic that updates sporadically.

Not much going on here this weekend. Might finally get out to see Star Wars III. Otherwise, a quiet one I think. Lots to do – homework, bills, website and comic stuff… Altogether it should be a pretty good weekend though.