Another Quick Update

Ideaphile Jamie sent me fan art inspired by the last news post to get us through the weekend. A huge thank you to Jamie!

Dread Pirate Roberts (my iBook laptop) is in many pieces on the diningroom table right now (call it drydock if you wish) but I’m out the screwdriver necessary to remove 3 screws, so until I find one, well, we’re stuck. It’s not easy being sans computer either, let me tell you. I just paid off my house again in Animal Crossing: Wild World and I’m up to two rooms on the 1st floor and one on the second floor.

Hoping either Lowe’s or Radio Shack has the screwdriver I need or we’re dead in the water. We’ll see….

I love the buffer.

I was up until 1:00 this morning working on class stuff. Made a lot of great progress, which is good, because the thing’s due in 8 DAYS. eek.

Dog had me up at 2:30, when she drained her water bowl, begged for more water, drank that, fought me when I tried to send her outside to pee, finally went out, peed like a racehorse (only maybe not so tall) when she finally got out there, came back in, and promptly threw up most of the water on the rug.

To be honest, throughout all this I’d quite forgotten that today was Tuesday and I had a comic to post. For what little (4.5 hours) sleep I got last night I spent most of it dreaming about PHP programming and about work — no pressure there. But since I’d managed to slog together a few half-assed comics (no, not my best work) into a buffer during vacation, I didn’t *have* to worry, and that was a feeling I’d missed.

Goal one when all this is over (in 9 DAYS! eek.) is to rebuild my buffer into at least two months. And hell, if I get that done, maybe I’ll even go to a three-day-a-week schedule. But no promises. There’s no guarantee I’ll make it through the next eight days with these shreds of my sanity in tact.

ps. a quick thank-you to ideaphile Jamie, who sent me some fan art in April when I’d put up a call for it – your art’s finally going to be run a week from now. And believe you me, I’m glad it’s there for me to run!