Where does the time go?

Someone asked me the other day what I do when I say I didn’t do anything a given weekend or evening. Well, there’s…

  • writing or drawing the comic
  • working on the Online Comics Day 2007 site
  • working on this site
  • reading comics
  • reading books about drawing comics
  • knitting
  • playing Final Fantasy 12
  • cursing at the laptop because it froze up
  • taking walks with my husband
  • date night
  • playing Final Fantasy 3
  • reading my email
  • hanging out on the forum
  • playing with the pudge dog
  • playing Solitare Til Dawn
  • watching Nighthawk play Oblivion
  • baseball!
  • and I’m sure a bunch of other stuff I’ve forgotten.

So my apologies that I haven’t been around much… some of this stuff will be dropping off the list as I either finish it or lose interest again. The comic and the blog aren’t going away, just sometimes I get quiet.

Should’ve become a rock hound.

It’s likely to be a “many mini-posts” kind of day for me. So far, everything I’ve read on my Daily Comic List has made me want to go, “Ooh! Read!”.

I have that problem a lot with Schlock Mercenary. But then, nothing makes me happier than a plot-heavy space opera with science lessons scattered in for good measure. Today’s a bonus: it’s on earthquakes.

Makes me wonder what I’d be doing for a living if I’d’ve signed up for a geology course in my junior year of college instead of computer science.

Post Streak Continues

I’m home from work, finally, and relaxing for just a few minutes. I have many bugs to squash in the program for class, but wanted to continue my streak of posting. Plus dinner to cook. Oh, and I think I need to sleep, since I didn’t get to bed until after 1 this morning.

Anyway, it was a good day. Not much to report. I did get a chance to read some new comics, and I’ll definitely be adding Ornery Boy, Dicebox, and Green: Wicked Wicked Ways to the list.

The Phillies are winning and dinner’s in progress. A good night!