Three Things of Note

Thing the first: It’s not so much that Davan and PeeJee appear to be fighting (LGT image as I can’t figure out the permalink structure) that sets my hair on edge, as Randy’s comments at the bottom of the comic:

Twenty-four hours from now, all the concerns, problems, and worries will seem so small

Last time all my concerns, problems, and worries felt so small was five days ago when I was on the beach. The time before that was my uncle’s funeral. Somehow (maybe it’s the obvious fighting) this bodes more toward the latter than the former. Maybe that’s just my paranoia kicking in.

Thing the second: I had never considered using a speech bubble inside a speech bubble as a form of emphasis before. I learn more from the Foglios each time I read.

Thing the third: It’s the little critter all the way to the right in this Creatures in my Head that totally cracks me up, because it looks like he’s chewing on the big creature’s arm. How these don’t get posted to Cute Overload every single day is beyond me.