This train adventure

I’m one of a small number (40?) of people attending a seminar on storytelling using comics today and tomorrow in New York City, run my none other than Scott McCloud.

(I’m on my iPhone so I’m not looking up the URL for his website. If you’ve never heard of him, google him.)

Anyway, I’m really excited – or I would be if I hadn’t had to get up at 4:30 to catch a train. The last time I was on a train I was knee high to a grasshopper and I find myself extremely nervous even though it’s an almost brainless trip to get from here to NYC. I don’t even need to change trains in philly.

A good part of the nervousness so probably because I’m travelling alone – something I never ever do if I can avoid it.

The weather is grey and damp as if the sun isn’t sure why it’s up this early either, but the train conductors are friendly and everyone seems to know where they’re going. The seats on the train are comfy – a lot like airplane seats but with more leg room.

Aaaand we’re in Philly… Roughly 30 minutes from when I left Paoli. Not bad, beats driving.

All in all so far I’m liking this train adventure.