Don’t know whether I’m coming or going

Ooooookay, so the seat that was facing forward when I got on the train in Paoli is now facing backward for the ride to NYC. This is more than my addled brain was prepared for. Maybe it’s time to see if kirabug can sleep on a train.

2 thoughts on “Don’t know whether I’m coming or going

  1. If you really want to know why, it’s because the tracks from Paoli come into 30th St. Station from (roughly) the north. To get to NY Penn, you have to reverse direction to head north.
    Jim – who usually gets to 30th St. on the ACL from Absecon.

  2. Ah – I figured it was something like that. I got smart on the way home and took the NY to Philly branch in a backwards seat so I’d be approaching Paoli facing forward. Not that it changed anything – it was dark, so I couldn’t see anything – but somehow it seemed to make more sense.

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