A few quick notes

Spent Friday working from home because Kaylee tried to choke herself on her leash that morning. At least, that’s our current guess… Vet said she could’ve also tried to swallow something weird, and considering that on a walk around our building she usually tries to eat or carry around no less than six things, I can’t say that idea would shock me much. The short-short story was that in the amount of time it took me to turn away to holler at Chance and then turn back she went from bouncy and bubbly and causing trouble to quiet and subdued and clearly in pain. She was also making a nasty nasty choking noise every few minutes, and my extremely vocal dog wasn’t even whining.

Anyway, within 36 hours she was totally back to normal, though we have moved both dogs to harnesses on walks instead of clipping their leashes directly to their collars just to keep that from reoccurring.

Saturday I took a well-deserved break to go out and visit my sister at LVC, and we decided to go to Hershey Park in the pouring rain. We got in free because some group in front of us had two extra tickets and they’d already paid for them so they just gave them to us, so I paid $10 to go ride roller coasters and flume rides with my awesome sister all day. Can’t beat that.

(OK, $10 plus the money to buy some sweats at Walmart so I didn’t have to drive 1.5 hours home in incredibly sopping wet clothes. The Tidal Force was one of the rides that was still open.)

Today was lots and lots of errands and chores, and a huuuuuge sinus headache. Plus, the Eagles pissed me off. But altogether I can’t complain.

Tomorrow (whoops, today, Monday) I test for orange belt so I’m really hoping my sinuses clear by then. And considering that I test for orange belt, I’m thinking I should go to bed. Now: sleep.