The beat is…. repetitive?

Found via peri-renna’s journal, this comic probably doesn’t make sense to anyone who isn’t familiar with both songs, but it’s hilarious to everyone else.

3 thoughts on “The beat is…. repetitive?

  1. Sadly, I strongly suspected what the beat was right from the second panel. Happily, my mind first went to the same song as the square-headed gentleman’s.

  2. Since Ice Ice Baby came out while we were in either jr high or high school, when I hear the beat I tend to think of that first, and am always happily surprised when it turns out to be Pressure instead.

  3. Actually, I found it pretty funny even without knowing “Under Pressure”, just reading the “Ice Ice Baby” Wikipedia page.

    (Note: that is to say, I found it pretty funny back when I wasn’t familiar with “Under Pressure”, just with the controversy. I’ve heard both songs now.)

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