Lawn Ornaments

There’s an article here about the “original” pink flamingo lawn ornament design being brought back from the dead afther the original company ended production a few years ago.

I’m confused, though, because they say the original design was of a plastic flamingo, and I distinctly remember my grandmother having cement pink flamingo lawn ornaments from the 50’s. Those suckers were heavy, and they needed to be repainted every few years, and we finally got rid of them when the cement started to disintegrate and one of the necks half broke off one of them.

So did my family create cement lawn ornaments? (I wouldn’t put it past them.) Or is this original not so original?

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  1. jzimbert says:

    Well, a quick eBay search reveals that your family probably did not create them (unless you guys were selling them or they got stolen or something), but maybe the same company has always made them, and they just upgraded from cement to plastic somewhere along the way.

    How did I do this last time?

  2. kirabug says:

    That’s them! You’re awesome! I’m so glad to find out I didn’t just imagine them or something.

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