8 thoughts on “Quiz: ‘Star Wars’ name, ballplayer, or Thai food?

  1. Lessee … my guesses (S = Star Wars character, B = Baseball player, T = Thai food) (invisible if I did it right – highlight to read):
    S (Flunk – it’s Thai)
    S (B – I call that a trick question)
    B (S – a-a-and he’s out!)
    S (B – I’m getting a bad feeling about this…)
    T (S – …)
    B (S – …)
    S (B – …)
    S (T – …)
    T (S – …)
    T (S – …)
    T (T – YES! FINALLY!)
    S (T – and back to the grind…)
    B (B – another hit!)
    B (S – wait, never mind)
    S (B – …)
    S (S – well, alternating beats what I had before)
    B (B – two in a row!)
    B (T – hmm, proper irony would say the next should be B…)
    T (T – …does it still count as irony if I guess wrong about guessing wrong?)
    B (S – alternating again…)
    S (B – oh, there it is…)
    S (S – guess I canceled my two-in-a-row now)
    T (S – aw…)
    T (T – best take what I can get)
    S (B – I’m not sure this says more about Star Wars than about baseball…)
    S (B – … case in point …)
    T (T – hah! the phat will not lead you wrong!)
    S (S – score!)
    B (B – and again!)
    T (T – and I go out on a win!)

    … 0.3667 is a good batting average, right?

  2. <text style=”color: #000033;”> – I see it’s not on the approved list. (Cool squiggly map of the front page, btw.)

  3. (Got the #000033; off your stylesheet, incidentally. I notice that it’s wrong for half … no, all the comments. Le sigh.)

  4. #000033 is the background color of the main page, but not of the comments. for those you’d need to check the comments and alt comments styles I think. Have I mentioned my stylesheet’s a few hundred lines?

  5. I got way more than half wrong. But I was handicapped by three things:

    1) I don’t eat Thai food.
    2) I don’t study baseball, past or present.
    3) I don’t subscribe to any of that non-canonical Star Wars stuff. The order of Star Wars canon goes, in decreasing order of reliability: Episodes 4, 5 and 6; the expanded universe books based upon 4, 5 and 6; the comics; the video games; the Ewok Adventures; the 80’s cartoons; the breakfast cereals; the Holiday Special; the battles I used to have between my Star Wars, Masters of the Universe and GI-Joe action figures; and lastly, Episodes 1, 2 and 3 and the books based upon them.

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