Let’s play "good news – bad news"!

Good news: Yesterday, my new scanner came!
Bad news: Yesterday evening, this cold/flu/ugly thing I’ve been fighting got the best of me. I was running a fever (99.7), had a horrible sore throat, and was totally exhausted and didn’t get my scanner set up!
Good news: This morning, my fever’s (almost) broken! (98.8)
Bad news: I slept until 9:15 and don’t have time to set up my scanner. Oh, and I’ve lost my voice. (Okay, some of you might count that in the good news).
Good news: I’m feeling better, so I’ll still be able to go to the beach tomorrow!
Bad news: I have to get all the stuff together for tomorrow to go, so I probably won’t have time to get a comic together tonight.
Good news: The Mariott has high speed internet access.
Bad news: I’m not dragging my scanner down there.

In other, shorter, words, comic schedule still iffy, but I’ll have *something* up even if it’s lame.

Quick notes

A few quick notes before I crash:

  1. I have a sinus headache migraine that would kill small animals. It’s been going on for about 4 hours now. Sleep will most likely elude me. Yay.
  2. I was able to find two swimsuits in size 16 that I’m relatively sure will keep people from mistaking me for a beached whale and trying to push me back into the water.
  3. I have both a new scanner and more RAM on order, whoo!
  4. We bought new wireless phones for the livingroom.
  5. The battery in the Neon is dead, carpooling continues.
  6. I’ve started repairing some of the comics in the archvie, making sure they have their copyright notices and that they’re optimized for web viewing. I’ve already trimmed around 300-400k from the file sizes and I’ve only gotten like the first 10 comics cleaned up. Those who are on dial-up should find the place is a little less painful in the near future.
  7. I think my teeth are trying to burrow through my gums to strangle my sinuses. They don’t appear to appreciate the headache either.

Hey, by the time you read this it’ll be August. (In fact, it’s August now!) Please vote on Top Web Comics! Oh, and happy August!

Two steps forward…

So, Tuesday’s comic (a semi-serious one, for a change) is in the queue. That’s 36 hours before it needs to be there. That’s progress.

I have three half-sketched comics in my sketchbook now, which is also progress, except that my ages-old scanner is not Mac OS X Tiger compatible, so I’ve kinda stalled.

Today I’m going swimsuit shopping, and maybe to go get a new scanner. Otherwise a new scanner’s going on order tonight.

I’ve decided not to work on the website redesign until the queue is a bit more robust. It’ll give me a chance to mull over the CSS issues, too.