And now for a short break for some idiocy

Next, a fight over the draperies!

I have some big ideas for Marin and Lila, but I currently lack time. A big presentation for my Master’s degree is due in three weeks and while my team is making some great progress, we have a distance to go.

Rather than draw you some really quick-and-ugly strips in the canon of the story, we’re going to shift back to idiot comics for the next few updates. Those of you who like the canon stuff better will be relieved to know that as soon as I can find time to draw again, I will. Those of you who actually like the idiocy comics better will be relieved to know you’re getting at least four.

The Son Of The Revenge Of Bad AOL Headlines

psychic pope?

This “plot” stuff is a hell of a lot harder than it looks. Especially when simultaneously juggling the capstone for my Master’s degree and overtime working on a project for my employer. My appreciation for authors such as Pete Abrams, Howard Taylor, Steve Troop, and the hundreds of others who have successfully written story-based comics for years is growing by leaps and bounds.

See, the problem is that I wrote up scripts, and I’ve even drawn most of them… but I’m reading them myself I don’t think they’d make sense to anyone else. Obviously, elaboration is required, but that means I need to draw the elaboration comics NOW to post NOW so the stuff I’ve already drawn makes sense. NOW is a bad time. That’s why I have a six-to-twelve-week comic buffer to begin with.

Anyhow, I got two panels of the comic planned for today finished (yes, this is the same comic I’d planned to have up last Tuesday) but not four, and after having gotten less than five hours sleep every night this week, I’m going to bed early. The server’s going to be down for maintenance sometime between midnight and 5 am anyway, so even if I finished tonight, I wouldn’t be able to post before all y’all would be awake and reading. And events like this are the reason why I go trolling for bad AOL headlines.

So enjoy this doozy from a few weeks ago, and I’ll try to get all my work done. Tomorrow, I just have to clean the kitchen, make sure the finances are up to date, work on my capstone, write a food shopping list, go food shopping, and work on the comic. That shouldn’t take more than, what, eighteen hours?

Idiot headline or horror movie?

zombies are popular in comics.

Y’know, I could be using these as buffer materials (and actually, some of them I am), but this one was just too good to hold. Faithful viewer Squeaker found this one Wednesday evening, and asked me, “Why would someone kill 4 corpses?”

Now you know.

Having heard some of the horror stories of Saddam Hussein’s reign of terror, would you be surprised?