Bonus Thursday Comic: Netscape Scariness

this robot's hands are scary.

So since production of the primary plot has been so sporadic and low quality lately, I thought I’d give you a bonus comic. Because, hey, if I’m going to produce sporadic and low-quality work, I should at least do it on a regular basis.

Besides, these little idiocy-comic characters are starting to grow on me. I have to be careful or I might just *gasp* name them!

And now for a short break for some idiocy

Next, a fight over the draperies!

I have some big ideas for Marin and Lila, but I currently lack time. A big presentation for my Master’s degree is due in three weeks and while my team is making some great progress, we have a distance to go.

Rather than draw you some really quick-and-ugly strips in the canon of the story, we’re going to shift back to idiot comics for the next few updates. Those of you who like the canon stuff better will be relieved to know that as soon as I can find time to draw again, I will. Those of you who actually like the idiocy comics better will be relieved to know you’re getting at least four.