Saturday afternoon, Nighthawk and I dropped JessieDog off at our in-laws, then headed into the fine city of Reading for the wedding and reception of close friends Wayne and Pam at a mansion-turned-event-hall. It was gorgeous. The food was incredible. The happy couple are hands down the most romantic people I know. We had a great time, even in spite of a screw-up on my part making us so late that we missed the cermony. We ate and danced and sang and partied until well after two, and only got about four hours of sleep at the hotel before we returned for brunch. After helping everyone else pack up, we returned to the Gibsons to snag the puppy dog and then returned home.

I’m exhausted. Happy, certainly partied-out, but exhausted.

I spent some time working on stuff here this afternoon, and will be going to bed as soon as I’m done my dinner tonight. Tomorrow I need to work on my homework, as I’ve fallen behind – and this is not a good time to fall behind. Tomorrow evening is a picnic at Mike & Steen’s, then fireworks, then home. I suspect I’ll be sleeping in tomorrow ’cause I’m gonna need it.

I work Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week, then my vacation starts and I don’t work again until the 18th. I’m going to need most of it for homework I suspect, but the rest will be day trips into the city to see the sights. I’m looking forward to it.