From Inflationary Epoch on Wikipedia

It is not known exactly when the inflationary epoch ended, but it is thought to have been between 10 –33 and 10 –32 seconds after the Big Bang.

…Yes, because if it was 10 –33 and a half that would have made all the difference.

This is why I wouldn’t have made it in physics.

Babble thread and, well, really that’s it.

In other news, a) we have a comic queue again for about a week and b) most of them are not proper comics. But they mostly made Nighthawk giggle, so I don’t think they’re horrible. I’m STILL battling the elevator scene and I’m really tempted to just have the whole damn hospital collapse and kill the main characters, thus getting me out of their story thread altogether, but that feels like cheating. Not that “life is odd” strips aren’t cheating… but at least they’re real.

Babble away, friends!

Another quick update and babble thread

Ran some software updates over the weekend. We’re now on the latest WordPress. I also fixed the comment preview box (and stuck it above the comment entry box so you can actually see it while you’re typing) fixed the problem where my server had stopped emailing people, turned Subscribe to Comments back on, updated the comment editor, and generally cleaned things up.

I also got about halfway through fixing the Navigate by Category plug-in with significant help from Nighthawk (thank you!) on the SQL.

I downloaded a forum that’s WordPress-based with the vague general intention of integrating it to handle our comments instead of using the article-stype comments, but downloading is as far as I got.

Feel free to babble below!

Adspace available, general update, and babble thread

Just thought I’d take a second to point out that after weeks of ads costing a whole two to three cents a day, you can currently get totally free advertising on my site via Project Wonderful… can’t beat free….

Speaking of which, among babble topics (which you are welcome to choose any topic to babble about) can y’all comment on what you think of the ads?

In the meantime, National Novel Writing Month has begun, and I’m already almost two days behind in volume, having a scant 2000 words to my credit.

On the other hand, procrastination on the novel front is leading to less procrastination on the comic front. They’re not high quality (at the moment, anyway, as the procrastination gets worse they’re likely to get quite complex) but at least I’m ahead on the buffer for the first time in a while.