Babble thread and, well, really that’s it.

In other news, a) we have a comic queue again for about a week and b) most of them are not proper comics. But they mostly made Nighthawk giggle, so I don’t think they’re horrible. I’m STILL battling the elevator scene and I’m really tempted to just have the whole damn hospital collapse and kill the main characters, thus getting me out of their story thread altogether, but that feels like cheating. Not that “life is odd” strips aren’t cheating… but at least they’re real.

Babble away, friends!

6 thoughts on “Babble thread and, well, really that’s it.

  1. I’m surprised that non-habitual drinkers aren’t more than half of all drunk driving cases. And there’s a long stretch between being a habitual drinker and an alchoholic. Shame, Yahoo. Shame!

  2. Hey, new layout again!

    Re the latest thread: what are you so testy about? :P

    (My, it’s been a while since the last babble thread…)

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