One more note, for the regulars (and babble thread)

With the recent update to WordPress 2.3, I upgraded the edit comments plugin. As I’m an admin, it worked for me all the time anyway. Could someone please check to make sure it’s working now? Feel free to use this as our babble thread as well!

8 thoughts on “One more note, for the regulars (and babble thread)

  1. Oh, and as long as we’re babbling: I picked up “Monkey Girl” (the book about Kitzmiller et al. v. Dover Area School District, the Intelligent Design trial of 2005) from the library today – I’m only to Ch. 3, but it’s well-written and thrilling so far (at least to a godless evilutionist like meself ;).

  2. test test test

    My guess is that the plugin developers decided to just keep the same interface for everyone. The admin has always had those options. But since you can’t edit other folks’ comments the only thing it really adds for you is the ability to delete your own comments.

  3. stupid person says, WHAT? Since I can read everything I’m guessing the site is working well…unless you can’t read this, then you have a problem. But I don’t have delete and spam buttons-does that mean you don’t love me enough to trust me with buttons?

  4. No, it means you haven’t tried to edit your comment. After you write a comment you can click on it (for up to half an hour I think, i’m too lazy to go look it up) and it’ll let you edit it. And during that time you get all the pretty buttony-links.

  5. man – i’ve spent all day ripping my CDs into itunes. thus far, ive added almost 70 cds and 1000 songs. its a very tedium process. and i am only halfway done.

  6. Been there. I spent 6 hours yesterday comparing my iTunes library to Nighthawk’s library on the server. We’ve got over 3,000 songs and probably 100 movies, not to mention the TV shows. (Note: rip your DVDs with handbrake, it rocks.) In fact, Nighthawk’s still ripping DVDs to try to get our full collection on the server.

    The new iMac helps immensely — my laptop took an overnight to rip a movie in Handbrake, Nighthawk’s server took a few hours, but the iMac rips ’em in like 1:15.

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