Weekend wrap-up.

I need to be at 42,000 words at the end of the day, and I made it to 40,000 about an hour ago, which is pretty good progress since I was around 36,000 this time yesterday.

The microwaveable heated slippers my cousin gave me have made working at the computer a lot more comfortable, because now that I’m next to the windows I get chilly. (Okay, so i was chilly at the center of the house too. What’s your point?)

There’s a stack of bags at my feet filled with Christmas presents from Black Friday, when my sister and I hit at least one store in two major and three minor shopping centers. Coupled with the furniture we bought yesterday for the livingroom (I need a desk), it made an impressive enough total that Discover called earlier to make sure my card wasn’t stolen.

Now we have to hope for Christmas bonuses ;)

Meanwhile, the new Mac is working beautifully. The old PC on the other hand, has been singing lately, a witty high-pitched tune that screams “I’ve got a component that’s breaking!” We thought it was a hard drive, so we ordered a new one. It’s winging its way here from the wilds of UPS-land even as we speak. But then this evening the machine started singing a different tune, one with lyrics like, “I’m a processor fan and I hate you!”

Negotations with the fan – which proceed at least in part with the assistance of a vacuum – are still in progress.

It’s freakin’ cold and I’ve got lots of gardening, painting, and light-hanging to do before Christmas gets here, so things will undoubtedly be adventurous from here to January 1, but we’re enjoying it nonetheless.

Only 26 days until my vacation starts.