5 responses to “Quick site update and babble thread”

  1. greymutt says:

    Interesting. I like the colors and pretty pictures. The tool bar on the right messed with my head, but I’ll live-not much up there to mess with anyway.

  2. kirabug says:

    Was it the fact that the toolbar is on the right, or something else about the toolbar, that threw you off?

  3. peri_renna says:

    Hey, check the RSS feed at http://www.kirabug.com/bbpress/rss.php – I think the new comics are showing up early!

  4. kirabug says:

    It looks clean when I check it. Can you send a screenshot of what you’re seeing to kirabug at kirabug dot com? Thx! :)

  5. peri_renna says:

    Yeah, looking at it today, I don’t see it – maybe I was mistaken.

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