Bad wave! No cookie!

Yahoo lead photo: a shot of a boat on dry land and a headline that reads: Massive Tsunami Feeding Program Announced. Commentary: Apparently, Yahoo felt left out because AOL was running all the idiot headlines. Added sketch, a wave with big eyes and eyebrows yelling Rawr! Feed me! Villagers (stick figures) reply But you already ate 150,000 people! Wave replies Raawr! Feed me! Villagers reply yessir!

Nighthawk spotted this one on his My Yahoo page Saturday. Can you imagine spending all that time writing an article on the relief efforts only to have some nut put a headline like this on your work?

Blurring the lines between journalism and fiction

the first idiocy on the internet strip wow, this is one crappy-quality graphic.

Those of you blessedly immune to America Online’s web services may not be aware that they run news services and other portal-page information as soon as you log on. One “feature” of the portal is a slide-show style montage of headlines that flip every three seconds or so. They’re always of the format:

Highly Significant Headline A
– Unrelated Headline B

…which is backwards from the usual headline standard the planet’s journalists use:

Highly Significant Headline A
– Subheadline for related story B

The end result is sometimes pathetic and sometimes funny. Today’s is pathetic.