If you’re reading this, we’ve successfully updated hosts!

We’re on the move, folks. Little computer gremlins are even now as we speak updating your DNSs to point to the new host. If you can read this, you got there! Let me know if anything breaks, at the usual kirabug aaaat kirabug doooot com, or at kirabug aaaaaat kirabug doooot mac if the first one ain’t working either.

And we’re back again.

For the second time this month we sustained a significant outage – this time around 22 hours sans website. I am growly and looking into ways to prevent further outages. Any suggestions will be entertained. The post I did make from the emergency blog’s been copied in below, and all else is pretty much stable, I think. And of course, I’m backing up all my stuff just in case.

Outside of that, though, things are good. All my stuff is wrapped. Nighthawk’s finishing his wrapping. Dinner’s in the oven. JessieDog is frolicking with the squirrels in the yard. Life is good.

One last site-based note: there’s an advertising hole on the homepage here and another advertising hole on the archive pages (click the title of the above comic to see ’em). If you haven’t checked out Project Wonderful yet to see how this works, you need to, but here’s the quick jist: you sign up, you indicate that you want to advertise on my site in that empty hole, and you say how much you want to pay per day maximum. If you indicate you want to pay $0 and you’re the highest bidder, that’s free advertising. (Same goes for any of the already-taken slots). In fact, if you indicate you want to pay $0.10 per day and nobody’s bid on the slot, you still get it for free. Free’s good, right?

Anyway, got to go eat dinner. Glad to be back. Happy holidays!