On snow, or rather in it, again

We were supposed to get somewhere between 6 and 12 inches during the day today, maybe even up to 18 by tomorrow. Then we weren’t supposed to get so much. Then we were, and then we weren’t. And I worked from home today to avoid being caught in it, only to sit in my livingroom tied to a laptop while the old snow actually melted a little, the sidewalks got a little squishy, and the roads got wet. A bit embarassing, really, but I certainly wasn’t the only one to expect a lot more than we got.

But fear not, intrepid snow-wranglers, for that shit’s comin’ down something fierce now. Just came in from walking the dogs, and while this morning’s snow was wet and heavy and huge flakes, the snow falling now would remind you of cold, soft, sand.

Soft sand… in a sandstorm. The wind’s howling around my house to the point that it occasionally frightens the dogs. The tiny grains of snow are blowing and swirling and filling every crevice of the footprints we left earlier today. When it’s not filling holes, it’s clearing paths. Depending on the side of the house you’re on, the sidewalks are either lightly covered with ice and a deceiving layer of snow or buried 3-4 inches deep. No idea how the meteorology folks measure this crap when it won’t stand still long enough to make a proper pile, and I suspect most of what we hear tomorrow will be “drifts up to…”

I’m especially glad that my house faces south. If we faced into the wind tonight, our door might be blocked by tomorrow.

At any rate, since I know I have to wrangle my way out to the car for a morning meeting tomorrow, it’s time for me to tuck into bed and listen to the wind.