Not the beach, but nice.

I took a 3 mile walk today.

I walked Kaylee one mile and Chance two. Kaylee was way too fluffy and hot to walk two miles. But that’s neither here nor there.

It was the first real workout I’d done in days, and it confirmed something I’d suspected but not proved: I need to exercise now. I’ve had a he’ll of a time getting to sleep these last few nights, and couldn’t find a reason. Wasn’t caffeine – my usage is down. Wasn’t stress. Stress usually makes me tired faster. Today confirmed it was plain old boring not-enough-exercise.

So why am I writing this now if I’m finally tired? Because there’s a whopper of a thunderstorm wrecking my neighborhood right now and nothing knocks you out of the first stages of a good sleep like a sonic boom in your backyard.

Instead, I’m watching the storm from the foot of the bed. The bed is soft, the storm is fascinating to watch, and the whole thing reminds me of our last stay at Virginia Beach. Granted, This isn’t the 11th floor and there’s no ocean out my window…

…but I was content with everything in my life that day. In a different way, I’m content with everything tonight.