Yet another update, and even more weird shit

Ah, Twitter. You’ve opened up whole new worlds of weird shit on the Internet for me.

First, an update: hurt my back yesterday goofing off with the dogs – same way every other family member seems to do it. Just lucky I guess, or a genetic defect in my back which the whole family seems to share. But I’m gonna go with luck.

As such, haven’t spent a lot of time in front of the computer or drawing – more time spent lying down and groaning. Doc says here’s some stuff to treat it, call back in a week if it’s not better. I have no complaints, it was the answer I was hoping for. But something tells me I’m back out of Tang Soo Do for the week. Dammit.

Meanwhile, dogs who fought a stomach bug all weekend are feeling fine now, which is good because I don’t think I can run the carpet cleaner any more anyway. So things work out for the best I guess.

Now, for some weird shit:

OK, bedtime.