Geek rankings

I linked to this geek chart years and years ago, but that link seems to have long passed.

What’s ironic is that we were just discussing this — “we” being a couple of guy friends at work and “this” being geek rankings — while eating sushi at the local hibachi for lunch the other day.

The problem, I’m told, is that I simply can’t exist. I hit too many of the categories — even if I don’t do so at full depth — to possibly exist.

So just to see if they’re right, I colored the blocks that apply to me:

small chart, click to embiggen

…And really, I don’t think it’s that bad.

Well, except that this chart doesn’t mention my blog, nine email addresses, programming hobbies, photoshop contests on Fark, collection of original soundtracks for video games, three Twitter accounts, ability to gut and rebuild either a Mac or (in most cases) a PC without hesitation, or the fact that I’m knitting three different things with assistance from knitting apps on my iPhone.

Of course, it’s not those things that my geeky friends claim threw me over the edge.

It’s the fact that I’m also a rabid baseball fan, accomplished do-it-yourself-er, and and I regularly bake pies from scratch. That’s where they say I’ve maxed out my geek card.

I’m pretty sure I exist.