But, what if?

Ah, security questions. I loathe them, because every time I see them I think of scenarios where they don’t work. (Too many years in tech support I guess. Milo could relate, and probably will at some point.) I’ve brought it up in multiple settings, but the usual excuse is that there’s got to be a question or three in the set of eighty kajillion that works for everyone if they just try hard enough. Sigh.

A recent UIE Brain Sparks sums it up nicely. Bonus is comment #10, with the security questions we’d like to see.

One thought on “But, what if?

  1. So true.

    (I actually might be able to answer one of those – I was d-mned disappointed when I heard Lance Armstrong broke up with Sheryl Crow when she got breast cancer. He might not have actually known, though, so I cut him slack now.)

    (And my favorite expletive – err, let me say it’s the worst one and leave it there, yeah? ;) )

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