Clearly, it’s time to stop

Otherwise I’ll be at this all night.

The HornPuppy:

Spore creature

My first biped – the Spotted Chith:

Spore creature

The GrassBeast:

Spore creature

The Yavenja (don’t look at me, it was a generated name):

Spore creature

And the Angry Twinkie:

Spore creature

4 responses to “Clearly, it’s time to stop”

  1. peri_renna says:

    Oooh, the Angry Twinkie! Dagnabbit, I’m going to have to play this thing now, aren’t I?

    (Geez, I hope the two-finger scrolling on the trackpad can replace the mousewheel…)

  2. kirabug says:

    Heh. Next up I might try to model an umbrella ;)

  3. greymutt says:

    Very odd, but the munchkin liked them too.

  4. kirabug says:

    Oh cool – I hadn’t thought about how much fun a game like this would be for a little one to watch. But now that I think about it, when basschica was little I used to play sim games like this and ask her to make all the decisions. So I can see the appeal for the munchkin :)

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